Vision, Craft, Art. The World Through My Eyes


I often ponder what part of a holiday is best. Is it the exquisite torture of counting the days until it happens, the planning and anticipation, visualising places you will see and imagining adventures to come? Or is it the holiday itself? Actually being there, the realisation of your expectations. Or perhaps it is the memories you bring home, evocative sounds and smells which will forever take you back, along with the more tangible reminders, photographs, trinkets, and handicraft. Honestly, I do not know! However, one thing of which I am certain is that all these stages of travel are largely responsible for giving my life focus. I love travel for all the selfish reasons mentioned above, but I also embrace travel for what it has done for me spiritually; it has opened my eyes and made me a better person, I am more appreciative of what I have, more tolerant of those unlike me, more understanding and accepting of foreign cultures.