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Photo Sharing Website Ethos

Photographers need somewhere to share their work with the world. For a variety of good reasons we want our artistic endeavours "out there". I know I did. I have tried out a number of photo sharing websites with varying degrees of success, and along the way noticed some common disappointing behaviour.

There seems to be a tendency amongst photo sharing website populations for disruptive elements to engage in one of three equally counter-productive behaviours that I will refer to as "popularity farming", "ego stroking", and "tall poppy hunting". I think the meanings are self-evident, so I won't bore you by explaining what I mean. 

Whilst photo sharing websites legitimately provide "popularity" tools, they have also unwittingly created an environment that facilitate these undesirables. As long as photo sharing websites promote a photo or photographer's popularity based on likes and favourites some people won't be able to resist engaging in counter-productive behaviour, unfortunately, that's human nature.

I still belong to one photo sharing website (500px) but I'm not sure I will renew my subscription when it next comes due.